Flymove is a new “vision” of mobility, introducing a new line of “Dianchè” cars, relaunching the brand Bertone in the automotive wold, particularly aimed at Future Electric Mobility and Smart Cities. A complete energy and mobility chain, innovative and competitive, starting from on-site renewable energy production to revolutionary rapid battery exchange station deployment, integrating synergistically in a single advanced digital platform. Find out why Flymove’s Smart Mobility Platform is currently the most advanced EV mobility initiative in the world.

Flymove's vision of mobility of the future

Dianchè Smart Mobility Platform (SMP) is an innovative sustainable mobility platform that as of today can be defined as unique in the world for the great advantages provided both in terms of energy consumption optimization, environmental impact and customer’s ease of use. The base of the system is the new Battery Swap System (BSS), an advanced and reliable technology that enables the battery exchange ready vehicle to exchange battery in approx. 30 seconds. Flymove has also created the new POE (Point of Energy) Station, unique of its kind for design, functionality and technical characteristics, serving as the operational center for vehicle recharging activities, guaranteeing a high operating range for BSS vehicles thanks to urban and motorway networks that will be deployed widely in many European countries, the United States and China. The SMP platform is also much more and here you can find a detailed description of its applications.