Flymove Holding, a UK based company mainly operating in Italy, is a new brand operating in the EV mobility sector. Flymove’s core business is the production and sale of innovative “Dianchè” brand city, sport and luxury electric cars which use the rapid battery swap (in less than three minutes), performed in new service stations (Point of Energy) strategically located both in the urban area and in the motorway network. The entire system is managed by a digital platform called “EVE” (Enhanced Vehicle Environment), through which the Dianchè user can take advantage of three levels of services: level 1 for the Car, level 2 for the Home and level 3 for the Smart City. The platform manages the three environments in an integrated way, providing services through prepaid and rechargeable packages according to the user’s needs.

GaiaGo, an Italian company belonging to the portfolio of Spin Ventures UK, has created a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that aggregates and integrates different sustainable mobility solutions – including but not limited to manufacturers and or providers of electric mopeds, electric scooters, electric bikes, electric cars – , within public and private shared spaces and their communities (residential, corporates, HoReCa, Institutions), whilst creating a marketplace for mobility time credits which can either be purchased, earned or gifted.

Both companies recognised that they share the vision of the future of mobility, and most importantly the required steps to achieve that vision. Both have created synergistic knowledge and know how, skills and expertise, I.P. and proof of concepts to execute such vision and acknowledge that there is no direct competition amongst them, in fact there are operational, technological, business development, and institutional relationship synergies that could result in operational efficiencies (time & cost savings), risk mitigation and growth acceleration. To this end the companies have signed a Letter of Intent to enter into a collaboration on different working development tables such as MSCH (Make Smart Cities Happen), “EVE Platform” development, integration between EVE and GaiaGo platforms, management of swap and recharging infrastructures.

Final target is the setting up of a unique integrated platform, probably the first in the mobility market, involving many operators and players in energy, data, infrastructures, services and its implementation as business model and technology package in selected “pilot” small-mid size cities those are willing to develop a perfect integration among sustainability and wellness of life.