For the first time in the history of sports racing, a fully electric car will be developed by Flymove Bertone to take part in endurance races, in open competition with ICE and Hybrid cars.

In fact, Flymove, after the acquisition of the historic brand “Bertone” made official only a few days ago and in view of relaunching the brand on an international scale, has in fact decided to use the rapid Battery Swap System technology (BSS), already provided for daily use in their full electric cars, to bring to the track the first car in the world capable of competing in long-term races, such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans or Spa Francorchamps.

This is an absolute revolution in the world of future racing, which brings electric technology forward in a single leap on a par with hybrid technologies, while maintaining parity of performance and competitiveness. It is a unique technological “package”, well ahead of the current paradigms at the base of the electric technology so far known and based on a simple recharge of a battery, for which it will still take many years of development to be able to be competitive on the track for efficiency and recharge times. Suffice it to note that with the new Flymove Bertone BSS system, the flat battery is automatically replaced in the pits with one fully charged in about 90 seconds on one-hour stints.

The new Flymove Bertone Motorsport Team, with Italian roots and based in Italy, which brings together world-class sports experiences and technological expertise, will be officially presented to the world media in Autumn 2019, while the new Dianchè BSS “Endurance” car, designed by Bertone according to the revolutionary style lines that have always characterized its history for over a hundred years, it will be presented to the press in the spring of 2020 to then enter the tests on the track leading a team, at the time confidential, of F1 drivers and absolute Endurance value. The ultimate goal is to participate in one or more Endurance races starting in 2021 and then maintain a stable position in the specific categories of WEC competitions and even promote a Mono-brand Championship based on this technology.

Some of the most important names in Italian technology in the world of racing have already become technological partners and official sponsors of this incredible initiative and Flymove Bertone hopes to be able to count on the support and encouragement of fans of this sport.