The Smart Mobility Platform (SMP) initiative was conceived and developed in 2018 by Equiventia Capital Partners (ECP), an Italian company based in Padova operating in advanced industrial investments. Paolo Carlin is the CEO of the company.

ECP has then entrusted Flymove Holding Limited, a London based Newco specifically created for such purpose, with the responsibility of promoting the initiative on a global scale. The Flymove organization chart is structured across several divisions: Automotive, Design, Energy, Point of Energy, Vertical Mobility VTOL, Battery Swap Technology, Dianchè Hyper Cars, Motorsport and Services/Digital.

In 2019, a famous Spanish designer Carlos Arroyo Turon has joined the initiative with the aim to develop the Company’s Design Division. Subsequently, the Flymove managerial organization chart was recently accompanied by Claudio Garavaglia, former Chairman and CEO of many Italian and international financial companies, with the role of a Chairman.

New line of fully electric vehicles “Dianchè” will be designed, particularly City and Hyper Cars, all equipped with the BSS (Battery Swap System) technology, provided by a technological partner Dianba in China, as well as having the possibility of a standard “fast recharging” technology use.

By the end of 2020, Flymove Italia will open new headquarters in Milan, where the corporate and technological partners of the Flymove group will also be represented. This location will also become the new Design Centre.

Flymove has also created several partnerships with cutting-edge Italian and international companies in order to guarantee wider range of strategic technologies within the Smart Mobility Platform package. Thus, including more expertise in advanced materials, renewable energy, digital platforms and services, making the SMP one of the most complete and advanced platform in the world.

Regarding the international production of the Dianchè City Car Cube, Flymove is starting important joint ventures in the Chinese market with financial and industrial partners active in the automotive sector. The objective is short-term opening of Flymove China and subsequent launch of the industrial and commercial activities of “Dianchè” in the Chinese market. This operation will allow the start of a large-scale production at existing production facilities, under the Flymove and third-party brand licence, by the end of 2020.

Between 2020 and 2021, Flymove will also present the first “Point of Energy” stations located in Italy that are fully functional, then progressing to create a European network that guarantees complete freedom of movement for Dianchè users in the coming years. The technological and operational characteristics of the POE stations, that will use energy supply chain largely based on self-produced renewable energy and that will use the revolutionary BSS rapid battery swap system (low battery swap with a fully charged one in less than 60 seconds!), will constitute a solid and efficient alternative to the fast recharging system, very energy-intensive and structurally impacting.

In the automotive world, the presence in Motorsport has always been an important promotional and technological development driver. This is why the “Flymove Racing Team” was born, the team will have its headquarters at the Adria International Raceway, where the Flymove team will also be able to develop and test its revolutionary sports cars. The opportunity to start a one-off production of the first two Hyper Cars in Italy, the “Dianchè BSS GT One” and the “Dianchè BSS GT Cube”, is currently being studied along with the existing producers that are part of the Flymove group. Future participation in the most famous endurance races, for the first time in the world with a fully electric Hyper Car BSS, will give Flymove international recognition. The Flymove Motorsport team is led by Enric Codony, a pilot and a team manager of great experience and international fame. Flymove is also structuring a team composed of technicians and managers with great racing experience and prestigious F1 and Endurance drivers.

Flymove plans to present the entire line of EV’s Dianchè and the POE BSS system as a world premiere at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show 2021.