Flymove Holding is delighted and honored to announce that Patrick Perrin is the company’s new President. The position will shortly be ratified during the next Flymove Board Meeting. Patrick Perrin, French, born in 44, has been one of the most prestigious and well-known financiers in the world for years. For many years he has been the trustee of the Sultan of Brunei and has conceived and managed countless industrial and financial operations in various sectors, from real estate to luxury hotels, from telecommunications to the media, having personal friendships with entrepreneurs such as Hani Yamani, Richard Branson, Roman Abramovich and many others. Starting from the 1980s, the purchases of Lamborghini and Telemontecarlo, the climb to CIGA Hotels, the launch in 2011 of the submarine fiber optic project through the Wasace company, its financial support for the electoral campaign of Carlos Menem in Argentina in 1989 and other important activities, including many carried out also in Italy. Patrick’s interests also span the new technologies of the future with particular attention to the environment and for this reason he chose Flymove’s “Smart Mobility Platform” industrial project to support its launch thanks to its enormous experience and expertise alongside the existing management. The first major operation in progress conceived by Patrick is the imminent start of a new industrial and commercial partnership in China with the aim of producing the Dianchè City Cars on an industrial scale, in partnership with important local operators, news of which will be provided more detailed information soon. Flymove ( is the new “vision” of Mobility, which through the innovative full electric cars “Dianchè”, city cars and sports cars, designed by Bertone (, creates the Smart City of the future. A complete energy and mobility chain, extremely competitive and accessible to all, which starts from the generation of renewable energy and reaches the rapid exchange of batteries through revolutionary multifunction service stations. All supervised and managed by a complete digital platform for the provision of a wide range of services to the user.