Patrick Perrin, President of Flymove Holding Limited, after a few weeks of intense high-level relations work in China, has achieved the important result of signing a binding agreement with a group of local investors for the launch of a brand new dedicated production unit to the City Cars “Dianchè” cars.
The agreement was signed in recent days with Guangdong New Qingshi Supply Chain Management Co. Limited, based in Guangzhou, with the support of Consultechnica Limited.

The agreement provides for a total investment of approximately USD 2 billion, fully financed by local partners in collaboration with the government. The main objective is the construction of a new production plant to reach a potential of approximately 125,000 full EV cars in 3 years. The models produced will initially be two: the Dianchè City Car Cube and the Dianchè City Car 5, which will be sold both in China and in Europe under the Flymove brand.
The agreement also provides for the joint development of a network of “POE” (Point of Energy) stations that will guarantee Dianchè users to access the battery swap and recharge services, including more than 30 additional services included in the “EVE” digital platform.

As Patrick Perrin recounts, “this agreement is of enormous importance for Flymove, as it comes at a very particular moment for the automotive market, suffering from the recent crisis due to the Coronavirus. Today more than ever, world public opinion is getting more and more orienting towards green and sustainable technologies, and mobility is certainly no exception “.

Paolo Carlin, CEO of Flymove, said that “thanks to this agreement it will be possible for Flymove to complete its design and production chain in a totally integrated way, opening a strategic market like the Chinese one and at the same time being able to have the first quantities of cars to sell on the Italian and European market. Being able to count on its own production unit, Flymove will be able to be part of the small group of the new generation of EV manufacturers who are now competing with the world’s major OEMs”.

Further subsequent steps envisaged by this agreement are the start of Motorsport activities in China with a single-brand championship and the landing on the stock exchange in Shanghai or Hong Kong to consolidate the entire initiative.