Flymove announces that it has conceived, developed and perfected, probably the first ever in this sector, the innovative integrated and sustainable mobility platform for the cities of the future, called “Wellness Urban Mobility”. The platform, adaptable to any city need and conformation, both for large modern cities and for medium-small historic cities, allows for the gradual implementation of various levels of green mobility, limiting the needs and the infrastructural and aesthetic invasiveness to the maximum.

The battery swap technology adopted by Flymove allows you to automatically replace a discharged battery with a charged one in less than a minute, on any predisposed vehicle. Thanks to the development of POE Point of Energy stations, easily configurable in size and capacity, which do not require civil works, connected to the energy network that only and exclusively supplies energy from certified renewable sources, it is possible to create a capable modular network, with very few stations , to cover any city need. The public and private vehicles that Flymove has conceived and designed all use the same battery swap technology and all use the same POE stations. Flymove has already designed self-driving cars, buses, microbuses, pods ideal for any application and use, such as taxis, shuttles, vehicles for craftsmen and local markets, surveillance and police, waste collection, maintenance, emergency. All vehicles are homologated for road use and no special road adaptation works are required to use them. They are all already prepared for autonomous driving as soon as it will be possible to use it.

The entire city platform, called “MOB3”, is interconnected with Flymove’s “EVE” Dianchè vehicle platform and managed and controlled by a single operating center, receives and manages information from individual moving vehicles and delivers services to users through an application downloadable on smartphones, which all users can access for free. It is therefore possible to calculate your city trips using only public transport, book specific vehicles, access events and city facilities of interest, book hotels and restaurants, receive information of public utility in real time.

Flymove’s “Wellness Urban Mobility” platform is a complete system, a supply chain that starts from energy management up to the final provision of services to users who use the city’s integrated mobility services. It is achieved thanks to the close collaboration of many Italian and European companies, synergistic with each other, which have made their experience and technology available to Flymove to allow Flymove to realize its vision of future mobility.