As part of the expansion of its international technological partnerships in the mobility sector of the future, Flymove has accepted the invitation from Libralato Limited to be part of its Industrial Advisory Board for the industrial development of the revolutionary ECO R6 hybrid engine. Founded in 2008 in Manchester, UK, Libralato is a leading company in innovation and development of low carbon vehicle fuel technology. Libralato is part of various European commissions in the sector and has received many awards for the absolutely innovative characteristics of its business. The Libralato R6 eco engine is based on a completely new concept of engine geometry and thermodynamic cycle. Never before have two rotors with different axes been combined, to produce asymmetrical compression and expansion volumes, where all the engine phases are completed in each revolution. It is capable of higher efficiency than a diesel engine (>50%), with much lower emissions and 50% reduced size, weight and cost than a typical reciprocating engine. This collaboration is particularly important for Flymove, allowing it to strengthen its technological presence also in the hybrid mobility sector of the future.