This initiative was created and outlined by a team of 3 companies: Paradigma, NEXT Mobility and Flymove Holding, that set up a specific Joint Venture dedicated for this purpose.

Paradigma is an innovation centre based in Padua, focused on exponential technologies. Founded by 4 partners in 2017, Antonio Guadagnino (CEO), Gianpaolo Ferrarin (CTO), Fulvio Menegozzo (CPO), Dino Vincoletto (CIO), with an addition of new members that have recently joined the group. The aim of the centre is to research and develop cutting-edge technologies for systemic projects with high social and economic impact.

NEXT Future Transportation is a company with headquarters in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, USA and operational headquarters in Padua, Italy within the Paradigma innovation centre. Next operates in the field of public and goods transportation, for that it has designed and developed an innovative concept of electric and sustainable modular transport with its own patents and extensions, having the possibility of autonomous driving.

The Promoter’s priority objective is to adopt the NFP platform in the City of Padua, that has already given its preliminary availability to become the first European “pilot” city for this type of project. Thanks to the use of this platform, it will be possible to

  1. Optimize traffic flow and urban mobility, especially in the City Center area, in order to improve liveability;
  2. Adopt fully electric vehicle series that reduce polluting emissions generated by vehicle combustion to a minimum;
  3. Implement an EV charging system based on the BSS battery swap system, that can serve NEXT modules, Dianchè cars and professional vehicles fitted for this platform;
  4. Present a unique “power-train” platform based on the BSS system, that can serve as a base for frame installation configured to various needs (e.g. delivery vans, commercial operator vans, public vehicles, safety and emergency vehicles, waste collection, etc.);
  5. Implement an economic business model that convinces professional operators and city transport managers to use this system in order to generate operational and economic benefits;
  6. Achieve a very high integration level between any type of vehicle (e.g. private and public, 2 and 4 wheels) to significantly improve the vehicle impact and the clutter on the city streets, especially in the historic city centres such as in many Italian cities;
  7. Become a reference point for other Italian and European cities, whom the “network” can be eventually built with and the model exported to.

The project drew attention of the MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) and the MIT (Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport) as a project of excellence and was presented to the Minister of Economic Development and to the Vice-Premier Luigi Di Maio, who assessed it with great interest and in these days it was declared with strategic national interest. On March 29, 2019, on the occasion of SMAU exhibition held in Padua, the project was presented as the only reference case-study during the presentation of the new Fund for the MISE Innovation.

On March 29, 2019, on the occasion of SMAU exhibition held in Padua, the project was presented as the only reference case-study during the presentation of the new Fund for the MISE Innovation.

Padua City has already decided on acquisition of 2 NEXT modules and on implementation of the Paradigma mobility platform that will be tested in coming months.

In particular, the platform will be gradually adopted by the City of Padua, as a pilot city, with the aim of implementing and testing the following activities:

  • The latest urban public transport system developed by NEXT, that can be managed in parallel with the current public transport routes or integrated with them;
  • Integrated digital platform, developed by Paradigma, that manages urban mobility and the vehicles that are part of it, coordinating activities and data management;
  • BSS station system, developed by Flymove with its partners, to guarantee fast and efficient battery swap in the key areas of the city;
  • Multifunctional platform for professional and commercial vehicles, presented by Flymove.