In order to increasingly strengthen its portfolio of innovative technologies and partners for sustainable mobility, Flymove has started a collaboration with the start-up ReFuel Solutions of Modena (Italy).

ReFuel Solutions is a start-up with a mobility vision based on the concept of biofuel potential that is fully exploited by an innovative diesel vehicle conversion kit.
This technology promotes a circular economy and an ecological approach, in which used cooking oils and agricultural waste replace petroleum-based fuels. The advantages of this application are really relevant:

  1. Great reduction of pollution: Biodiesel tends to zero CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the release of unburnt hydrocarbons (HC) and particulate matter (PM) is reduced (over 40%), in different proportions depending on the origin of the biodiesel.
  2. New value for vehicles: Such low emissions allow EURO 4 vehicles to continue running. This means that they can unleash their full potential and only be demolished when they are truly old. Biodiesel is also cheaper than classic fuels, especially if its 0 km waste materials are used.
  3. Social: Using biodiesel produced from wasted oil allows for the creation of a circular economy that has a positive impact on the local economy, using waste (presumably a problem) to produce fuel.

ReFuel Solutions’ technology can be the real and concrete answer to the sustainability problems of heavy and mass mobility (trucks, buses, city bus fleets) allowing the conversion of polluting vehicles with minimal expense and facilitating the adoption of sustainable mobility by of city administrations. An important and immediate step in view of the arrival in the years to come of future technologies that will further improve this delicate aspect of mobility.