Lilli Bertone, wife of the legendary designer Nuccio and for several years head of Bertone in Grugliasco, has passed away at the age of 84 in Lugano, Switzerland, where for the last years she was a resident. Bertone Ermelinda Cortese, known as Lilli, of Alexandrian origin, spent her lifetime alongside Nuccio Bertone, one of the greatest car designers of all time, inventor of dream cars like Lamborghini Miura or Lancia Stratos and owner of one of the most flourishing body shops in the second half of the twentieth century. It was Lilli, along with her daughters Barbara and Marie Jeanne, who took over the control of Bertone in 1997 after Nuccio’s death. They were very hard years, with Turin coachbuilders forced to abandon the dream of becoming small producers. In 2009, Bertone and its 1,200 workers moved to Fiat to become the current Giovanni Agnelli factory, that produces Maserati in Corso Allamano in Grugliasco. But Lilli Bertone did not leave the scene entirely: she kept the promise she made to her husband on the verge of death to allow Bertone to celebrate its first hundred years. She did so by transforming the company, renamed Bertone Cento, into a design house based in Caprie, in lower Valsusa, where the headquarters of the old Bertone once stood. The entrepreneurial adventure lasted just long enough to celebrate Bertone’s centenary. After the company closed, Lilli Bertone retired to private life. An affectionate greeting to a great lady I had the privilege to get to know. Passionate and faithful to the industrial vision of her great husband Nuccio, betrayed of those who should have helped her to continue the tradition of one of the greatest automotive design brands in history. Soon the name Bertone will return to the level it deserves thanks to the immense financial and technological effort of Flymove Holding. In hers and Nuccio’s memory.

Paolo Carlin – CEO Flymove Holding