Flymove Holding announces the signature of a LOI with UniverCell Germany for the R&D activities related to a new generation of batteries for EV Mobility, to be implemented in future Dianchè EV cars using both battery swap and plug-in technologies and possibly for EV Motorsport applications.
Flymove is a new “vision” of mobility, introducing a new line of “Dianchè” cars, relaunching the brand Bertone in the automotive world, particularly aimed at Electric Mobility and Smart Cities. A complete energy and mobility chain, innovative and competitive, starting from on-site renewable energy production to revolutionary rapid battery swapping station deployment, integrating synergistically in a single advanced digital platform.
UniverCell Holding will establish a production facility for electrodes, cells and modules in Germany. Production will be designed flexibly so that the cells, electrodes and modules can be individually adapted to the product of the customer. The technological adaptation of the batteries significantly increases their service life, which means that the cells have to be replaced less frequently. Also each product is customized to its application. As a result the customer will recognize a drastic higher performance in each application.