Flymove Holding is pleased to announce the start of a new technological collaboration with Mecaprom Technologies Corporation Italia Srl, a company developing hybrid and fully electric conventional propulsion and transmission systems within the “Smart Mobility Platform”. Mecaprom, active since the 1960s, is at the top of the design and development of motion propulsion and transmission systems for land-based vehicles, thanks to the skills consolidation acquired and the constant knowledge updates. Mecaprom is able to design and develop, from the concept up to the start of the production, a powertrain system including components and related control units, mechanical, electrical and electronical, as well as all the logics and algorithms related to vehicle dynamics. Mecaprom is an ideal partner for Flymove, perfectly integrating its own industrial and technological supply chain, particularly regarding cars and fully electric vehicles “Dianchè by Bertone” that use the innovative rapid exchange platform “BSS”.