This initiative, currently unique in its kind due to its characteristics of sustainability and integration, was conceived and conceived by Flymove who developed an innovative concept of ideal mobility for the cities of the future. Thanks to the use of this platform, it will be possible to:

  1. Optimize traffic flows and city mobility, in order to improve livability;
  2. Adopt a series of fully electric powered vehicles that allow to minimize the polluting emissions generated by combustion vehicles;
  3. Implement an electric vehicle charging system based on the BSS battery exchange, which can serve both private “Dianchè” cars and professional and city service vehicles based on this platform.
  4. Present a unique “power-train” platform based on the BSS system, which can serve as a basis for installing chassis configured according to specific needs (eg van for logistic deliveries, vans equipped for market operators, public safety vehicles and emergency, waste collection, etc.);
  5. Implement an economic business model that convinces professional operators and city transport managers to use this system, even obtaining operational and economic advantages;
  6. Reach a very high level of integration between any type of vehicle, both private and public, both 2 and 4 wheels, to significantly improve the impact and size of vehicles on city streets, especially in historic centers such as there are many in Italy and Europe.
  7. Become a point of reference for other Italian and European cities, with which you can eventually “network” and export the model to.

In particular, the platform will be gradually adopted by some small-medium sized cities with which Flymove is already discussing its collaborative terms, with the aim of implementing and testing the following activities:

  • Urban public transport system of the latest concept developed by Flymove, which can be managed in parallel with the current public transport systems or can be integrated with them;
  • Integrated digital platform “EVE”, developed by Flymove’s technological partners, which manages urban mobility and the vehicles that are part of it, coordinating activities, data management and the provision of many city and private services;
  • System of BSS stations, developed by Flymove with its partners, to guarantee a fast and efficient exchange of batteries in the key points of the cities.
  • Multi-function platform for professional and commercial vehicles, presented by Flymove.

The business model conceived by Flymove is able to manage and justify the necessary investments against a series of revenue lines that compensate all partners and service providers, including public administrations, all always at advantageous prices for users and citizens.