BSS - Battery Swap System

The Battery Swap System (BSS) exchanges the battery of an EV equipped with the Dianchè BSS power train in less than 30 seconds. This revolutionary system eliminates the idle waiting times for the battery recharge, giving the end user great time and use advantage. All Dianchè cars use the BSS system in two different versions depending on the application and mobility use.

The BSS system also optimizes the dimensions in the streets and parking lots where, instead of having dozens or hundreds of charging stations, only one exchange system can automatically manage hundreds of EV every day, being used in non-invasive and aesthetically striking way. The BSS system is unbeatable for its structural and management costs, for speed and efficiency, it is flexible and can be used in all areas of a Smart City as it is adaptable and available in different versions and dimensions for various positioning needs. The cost of creating Flymove BSS systems, both for large and for small/intermediate stations, is extremely competitive when compared to the structural costs required for the standard column distribution. It should be noted that the energy required for the BSS system to recharge the batteries, which is often completely renewable, is extremely lower than the energy required for the column fast recharging, which have charging times remotely comparable to those of the BSS system (in best case scenario 15-30 minutes against only 30 seconds using BSS system).

The Flymove engineers, in collaboration with their technological partners, have also devised and developed the new BSS Power Train for Dianchè vehicles with outstanding functional and efficiency characteristics. In fact, not only it has been designed to accommodate the BSS rapid battery exchange system, but it has also been designed to reduce the maintenance to a minimum, guaranteeing high reliability over time. The characteristics of the systems low weight and the connections efficiency, secure consistent energy savings and therefore great operational and economic advantages. The BSS Power Train, mainly thanks to its characteristics, retains the industrial and production cost of the Dianchè vehicle to a minimum, benefitting the end user.


Dianchè BSS City Cars

Flymove presents two new “City Cars” suitable for any urban mobility needs:

  • Dianchè Bertone BSS City car GT Cube
  • Dianchè City Car BSS One by Coggiola

The Dianchè City Car BSS Cube interprets Flymove’s vision of the future urban mobility. A car with an unmistakable design, tailored to the mobility needs of a Smart City, equipped with the highest technology currently available. In the perfect Bertone style, unmistakable and original, it clearly differs from any other EV on the market today. Three modular seats, coming soon in five-seat version (also ideal for taxi fleet), configurable according to any need, ideal for family or work, for urban or extra-urban mobility. Built according to the most recent safety criteria, equipped with autonomous driving system and digitally interconnected with Dianchè EVE platform. The operating range is wide – about 200 km – thanks to the BSS rapid battery exchange systems swapping in 3 minutes.

With a 35 kW electric motor and a 30 kWh BSS battery, it reaches speed of 150 km/h. The Dianchè City Car BSS Cube will go into production in early 2020, will be sold exclusively through the Flymove online store and will have one of the lowest costs ever seen, as the user does not purchase the battery.


Dianchè BSS Cube

Flymove presents the new fully electric supercar Dianchè BSS GT Cube designed by Bertone.

The return of one of the most important design brands in the automotive world of all time, making the history of automobile since 1912 and finally returning to the role it deserves. A supercar designed to define new levels of style and performance. Today Dianchè GT Cube is the most advanced EV supercar in the world, available in limited numbers only, for a selected group of passionate collectors.

Come and discover Dianchè BSS GT Cube and you will be thrilled by the exclusive and incomparable level of excellence, that was never seen before.


Point of Energy

The POE Station (Point of Energy) is unique of its kind for design, functionality and technical characteristics and it has a constructive and environmental impact equal to zero.

It is a multi-purpose service station, where driver can use the Dianchè-powered car battery swap system or recharge electric or hybrid cars with a fast charging cable. The POE Station is also hydrogen supply ready for the mobility of the future.

The design of the POE station is taken from the company logo itself, a butterfly where each wing has its own specific function. As a result of immerse studies the station has a constructive and zero environmental impact. The POE Station generates its energy thanks to the use of several pre-installed renewable sources, supporting all types of land and air vehicles of the future, those using quick charging or BSS rapid battery swap system. The station uses bio materials only and recycles all its organic and inorganic waste.

As of today the POE Station is the only multi-purpose station in the world that allows the operational management of e-VTOL aircraft for vertical mobility.


POE Station Network

The POE stations are configurable and adaptable to any need and location. It is therefore possible to create a widespread network of POE Stations built in the cities and along the main connecting roads, including the motorway networks. The POE Network will guarantee the user the possibility of a long-distance travel thanks to the battery exchange of a BSS system ready vehicle taking less than 3 minutes.

The POE Network eliminates any recharge anxiety and definitely simplifies the energy management of EVs.

The POE station network located in the cities, on the main highways and slip roads will ensure an easy access to the rapid battery exchange and will allow a long distance travel on any motorway network. Furthermore, POE service stations vary in size and configuration according to specific traffic needs: POE Small & Medium in the cities, and POE Large & Mobile in the main connection roads.

For example, with only 16 stations positioned in a “star shape” on an urban area equal to a city like Milan, guarantees energy coverage for more than 24,000 cars per day, using only total of 500 batteries in stock.


POE Station Mobile

Flymove presents the first Mobile rapid battery exchange station.

Based on BSS technology, it is fully automated and installed on a 40’ trailer, which can be positioned anywhere thanks to the use of electric motors, fitting also within limited areas. Thanks to the Mobile POE station, the Dianchè BSS network diffusion is guaranteed in short period of time. It does not require special permits or authorizations, it connects to the medium voltage “grid” for energy supply and allows the battery exchange for any car using the BSS system, definitively resolving coverage and autonomy needs.

It is ideal for spreading the BSS system rapidly on motorways and highways. Flymove is industrially developing the POE Mobile in parallel with commercial launch of the Dianchè cars, in order to guarantee all customers an immediate availability of the battery swap network.


EVE - Enhanced Vehicle Environment

EVE is the new digital platform developed by Flymove to manage all vehicles and services connected to the Smart Mobility Platform.

EVE uses the most advanced augmented and virtual user interface technologies to offer total integration between the user, Dianchè vehicles, POE Stations and contracted service providers. The unique feature of EVE is that it integrates perfectly with two different ‘environments’ that are foundation of a Smart City, one is the user’s home itself – which will be able to increasingly generate its own renewable energy – and the other is the centralized citizen system for urban mobility management – which must be optimized for real-time information provided by Dianchè cars. The BETA version of EVE will be presented by Flymove in 2019.


Flymove Advantech

Flymove’s SMP initiative also includes a strong technological and strategic presence in the development of technologies related to Advanced Materials and renewable energy production/management, as they are fundamental elements to guarantee a complex Flymove industrial chain, for both the Dianchè vehicles as well as the POE stations.Flymove operates through the acquisition of innovative patents and/or participation in companies, including start-ups, which have the know-how and skills of potential industrial development and use within the Dianchè platform.

For example, Flymove is present in the production of Carbon Fiber and Nanotubes, collaborates with Italian companies experts in Bio-polymers and is establishing important Joint Ventures with companies operating in the Hydrogen and Energy sector using alternative and renewable sources.


Dianchè BSS e-VTOL

Flymove presents its concept of a Vertical Mobility aircraft for the Smart Cities of the future, ready for the complete integration between car mobility and future air transport, according to the UBER Elevate requirements.

The Dianchè BSS E-VTOL aircraft will be the first in the world to use the BSS rapid battery exchange system, in this case eliminating the idle battery recharging time which is currently almost insuperable problem for a definitive use of this type of aircraft. Its ideal base of support will be the revolutionary Flymove POE Station and will fully integrate with Dianchè’s SMP mobility system through the EVE digital platform. The first concept will be presented by Flymove in 2019.


Flymove Motorsport Racing Team

Flymove considers the launch of its own sports activity as a strategic operation for communication purposes and for the BSS system promotion. Flymove is working on creation of a Racing Team that will participate using its own GT BSS Cube vehicles in various international races.

Flymove is strongly convinced that the BSS technology is the only one that can permit fully electric cars to compete equally along with standard cars in long-distance competitions. To demonstrate that Dianchè BSS cars are able to achieve high results in competitions, means demonstrating that the EV BSS cars are also excellent in everyday user’s lives. For this reason, the participation in events of great importance, such as the famous Pikes Peak in the USA and some Endurance races in Europe (possibly including the 24 Hours of Le Mans) are being planned.

The Team is also evaluating an organization of Single-brand challenge Championships, where Dianchè Cube fitted with BSS rapid battery exchange will be used exclusively. The first operational base of the Flymove Racing Team is the Adria International Raceway.